Best Pizza in Bologna: Università Della Pizza (In my humble opinion)

Pizza from Università Della Pizza

*Please note, this article was written on July 6, 2012, and this restaurant has since changed hands.  The pizza is still good and the owners are very nice, but it is much simpler, with fewer types of pizza to select from.  My favorite option from the new owners is a wonderful and unique sandwich made out of pizza dough.

What makes a great slice of pizza? Three major tenets seem to do it – crust, sauce, and cheese. Once you’ve perfected all of this, how does a pizza maker take it to the next level?  Somehow Università Della Pizza in Bologna, Italy, has it all figured out.

While this small, unassuming take-out pizza place in the university area is quite popular with residents and students alike, it is by no means known as a pizza destination in Bologna. In fact, just a few blocks away from Università Della Pizza is one of the most famous pizza places in Bologna, where I have optimistically eaten numerous times, but have often finished my meal somewhat disappointed.

On the other hand, every time I hurriedly enter Università Della Pizza to grab a quick slice of pizza on my way to school or work so I don’t starve, I am always surprised and somewhat overwhelmed by the daily offerings of their Neapolitan style pizzas, which are constantly changing. Pizza after pizza looks nothing like I have ever seen a pizza look before, with artfully arranged exotic toppings like sliced parmesan, fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh arugula, grilled eggplant and zucchini, special meats only found in Bologna, and all freshly baked and glistening with olive oil. I am not known as an indecisive person, but this place definitely brings it out in me.

Believe me, it is worth the trip. Even from America. While I am no pizza expert, nothing will stop me for looking out for the public good and taking it upon myself to independently proclaim the best pizza place in Bologna in order to make sure that residents and tourists alike are satisfying their taste buds to the fullest. And if you aren’t satisfied, the 1.70 euro you spent on your slice of margherita probably won’t break the bank.

Università Della Pizza
Via dell’Unione, 12/b, Bologna, Emilia Romagna


For everything you ever wanted to know about regional pizza types, visit Serious Eats.

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