Illustrious Instants: Taking the Back Road

You know those instants when the beauty of a moment transcends your eyeballs and you are actually viscerally affected by the amazingess?

On this marvelous summer day, driving the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania about an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh, I experienced one of those moments.  And I was so overtaken by the perfection of the world at this moment in time, that I pulled off the road and took a picture.

I only wanted to record the feeling that I was experiencing, somehow, and I was only shooting with my iPhone 3, so I wasn’t expecting anything special from the photos.  I was just optimistically striving to create a visual reminder to help me pull out this memory sometime in the future.

But, I guess the amazingness of the moment not only transcended my eyeballs, but it also transcended my iPhone.  By some miracle, this little butterfly entered my frame at the exact moment the shutter snapped.

I am so grateful that this instant was made immortal by this photo that lingers on in my life.  I love it dearly.  It now proudly represents my many trips up and down the Lincoln Highway, which to this day remains one of my favorite travel memories.

And a lesson learned – who needs the Turnpike?  Slow down and take the back way.  There’s probably a butterfly or two waiting for you… 🙂

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