San Diego Uncovered: My favorite experiences

Beautiful downtown San Diego from the perspective of Coronado Island.

They say you can take the girl out of San Diego, but you can’t take the San Diego out of the girl.  I guess I am no exception.  As I write this blog entry from exactly 6,201 miles away from San Diego (according to Google maps, of course) in my current home in Bologna, Italy, I guess I should feel far away.  But somehow I can still feel that unmistakable cool ocean breeze, I can still imagine the taste of my favorite burrito at Rubio’s, I can still see my friends smiling.  San Diego and my nearby hometown of El Centro, CA still feel like they are right around the corner.

But, logic prevails, and I must admit that 6,201 miles are kind of a lot.  So, chances are you’ll be heading to San Diego before I do.  In the meantime, I thought I’d give you my personal rundown of my favorite things to do in San Diego.  These are the moments that I pursue when I want to forge out of the predictability of my routine and forget that I’m a local, forget stress and responsibilities and just be a tourist in my own fabulous city for a day.  And, of course, when I have an out-of-town guest and I want to show them the best San Diego has to offer.

The problem is, quantifying and explaining all San Diego has to offer is no easy task.  San Diego is not a place that can simply be taken at face value.  While it is famous for surf, sun, and the zoo, if you give it a chance and just dig a little deeper, San Diego will show you a side that you never expected.  Not only can you get a tan, but you can also do exactly what your heart desires.

So here’s my list of favorite experiences, in no specific order.  Each experience will be a separate blog post that I will be publishing over the next few weeks.

1. Enjoying some of the best beer the United States has to offer
2. More than just pasta and olive oil in Little Italy
3. A day on an island
4. Beach bums at their best in Northern San Diego County
5. Two for one – Culture and nature in Balboa Park
6. Baseball and Hipsters in the East Village
7. A day at the mall
8. Lavish elegance in downtown San Diego
9. Taco Tuesday in Old Town – A little bit of local, a little bit of tourist
10. Downtown La Jolla – Tradition happens for a reason

So, without further adieu, I present experience number one: Enjoying some of the best beer the United States has to offer.

Happy exploring!!!!

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