Why Not Verona for Valentine’s Day?


A sunset this heavenly seems fit only for a date of equally epic proportions – Romeo, perhaps? Well, this is Verona, Italy, seen vividly in my sunset shot from my trip last weekend. And I guarantee you, Verona’s capacity for romance doesn’t disappoint. If you buy your plane tickets now, you might just be able to claim Romeo as your valentine. And if you are good at keeping secrets, his address is via Arche Scaligeri 2. Shhhhhhh!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep Juliet occupied. 😉 She’s pretty much just a bronze statue these days anyway, so I think we’ve got it in the bag.

Happy valentine hunting!

Slide show of my favorite Verona photos.

IMG_0640Camera Roll-743Camera Roll-738Camera Roll-734
Camera Roll-740Verona-74Camera Roll-733
Camera Roll-732Camera Roll-741Verona-23Camera Roll-731IMG_0678Camera Roll-737
Camera Roll-748Camera Roll-739Verona-93Verona-102Camera Roll-729

Best of Verona, a set on Flickr.

One response to “Why Not Verona for Valentine’s Day?

  1. This photo is great! I just Romeo and Juliet and this is the perfect embodiment of it! 🙂
    Would dream if valentine’s day was spent in verona!

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