10,000 views thanks to you


I never thought I would be a blogger.  Why not?  I didn’t think I had enough to say.  And I thought I needed to be a bit more interested in what I had to say.  And really, I just wasn’t interested.  In the whole thing.

Thank god I can admit when I’m wrong.  Because boy, I really was very, very mistaken.

Today I am celebrating 10,000 visits to my blog.  Which I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams.  And while this milestone could seem fairly insignificant, it is actually wholly significant because it is something I never thought I would achieve.  I started my blog merely as an online portfolio, and to stay in touch a bit with friends in other countries.  I thought I would be writing to, well, my mom, my best friends, and a few other good hearts who followed my blog “to be nice.”

But instead, starting this blog and sticking with it bought my membership in a truly wonderful community to which this achievement is thanks to.  So really, this is not a personal achievement in any way, shape or form.  This is an achievement reflective of the greater blogging community.  I am grateful without means of expression of the opportunity to be included in this powerful, supportive, and creative network.  Instead of floating on an isolated island of my own creativity, as I anticipated before I actually started blogging, I feel even more artistically connected to the world than ever before.

I made this photo of a little leaf stuck stem-first into my the sunroof of my car the featured image of this post for a reason – the fallen leaf was so magical in the perspective of its perfectly perpendicular affixation to my car.  And the unexpectedness of the photo brought a little bit of joy to my friends I shared it with.  My life as a blogger has been like the life of the story of this little leaf.  Every post I have written has changed my perspective on the experience I’ve written about, as if I’ve been able to re-experience it in a totally positive way.  From living several thousand miles away from my country, to mourning the death of a friend, the blog is the lemonade of the lemons, and the sweetness of the sweetest moments that I stumble into.  Just what the doctor ordered, I’ve been able to find some peace in those really sad moments I’ve given voice to through the support and reactions from other bloggers and readers.  And when I write about something happy, every word helps me relive it over and over, like my memories suddenly go from disposable to a permanent fixture in the Louvre, and readers’ enthusiasm just underlines my appreciation of these moments.

But truly, the best part is the world reflected through the eyes of fellow blogger, which is immeasurably more hospitable than the world through the eyes of the media at large.  Suddenly my weight, my religion, my political views, and what I watch don’t define me as a person.  I don’t have to be beholden to “7 insane ways women tried to shed weight in the past” or “Prince Andrew Is Dating George Clooney’s Model Ex Monika Jakisic, the ‘Croatian Sensation’.”  Instead, in perusing through the work of fellow bloggers, not only am I constantly learning and discovering things I’m interested in, but I’m enjoying the process, and no one is making me feel guilty.  Every like and thoughtful comment from another blogger leads me to discover another person, and whether I am shocked, neutral, or in love with what they are sharing, their unique perspective helps me understand the world just that much better, in a way that was not a result of countless dollars in R&D and advertising sales.

So, to make a long story really really short, thank you…tons.  And, I’m looking forward to 20,000 and on.  But mainly, I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say.

Big hugs

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