One of my favorite views in the world


The view from the Rialto bridge in Venice is – in a word – indescribable.  Yes, you are submerged in tourists.  But if you can just face forward and take a deep breath and let the beauty of Venice pour in, you will never forget the moment.  The curve of the Grand Canal teeming with activity just below your feet, the pastel painted buildings lining the water with bobbing boats parked steps away.  Yesterday was a warm, sunny day, and the canal was gleaming with energy.  Even the birds seemed to know this was the place to be.

12 responses to “One of my favorite views in the world

    • There were so many birds on Monday, it was crazy! I don’t know if it was because of the warmer temperature, or something related to the wind. But I have so many shots with birds in the frame, which made for some interesting pics. 🙂

    • I concur. I was just thinking that a few minutes ago, coincidentally. If it weren’t for the lack of nightlife, I would definitely say it is my favorite.

    • Yes exactly! Well said. 🙂 This was one of those magical, windy spring days with few tourists, so I got to shoot in peace! 🙂 “Gloomy canals” love it! :))

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