This video convinced me to go to Siena

Siena has been on my list of places to go for years (literally), but a long train trip has kept me away. But this video, just released for Siena’s race for European Capital of Culture 2019 has convinced me the train schlep is more than worth it. The spirit of the locals and the beauty of the city are standouts in this diamond in the rough of badly done, impersonal travel videos. Hope it makes your day like it did for me. And if it happens to convince you to go, check out Just Visit Siena! for super helpful trip planning advice.

10 responses to “This video convinced me to go to Siena

  1. Happy UN International Day of Happiness! This happens to be their theme song this year!
    I loved Siena. The central Piazza del Campo was a WOW experience for me. You walk through a long, dark, narrow alley then pow! you enter this wide open to the sky, yet enclosed medieval square. The museum there has fantastic murals painted during medieval times and it is so mind-blowing to walk, hundreds of years later, through places depicted in the paintings. I had the same experience in the Roman Forum (“OMG! Caesar walked here!” Makes our American equivalent of “Washington slept here.” seem pretty lame!) Close by Siena is another must-see medieval town – San Gimignano. You half-expect to see medieval courtiers on horseback clattering through town.
    Happy Spring!

    • Such great tips, thanks!! I was actually just looking at trains to Siena this morning…all of this is getting me excited to go. 🙂 And I would love to check out San Gimignano too, thanks so much!! So glad you had such a great experience there…you are right about the history and I hate to say I’ve been taking it for granted a bit lately. I went to a friend’s place for dinner in the center of Bologna recently. He lives in what seems to be a medieval building. For obvious reasons, the huge stone staircase leading up to his floor is a bit difficult to manage (the steps are a bit sloped and missing some pieces). I was complaining, and my friend was like, “Peggy, these steps are like a 1000 years old. What do you want???” Touche’. HA! 🙂

      • I like to imagine the thousands of people through the ages who have passed, their tread slowly wearing away the stone. Who were they, what was their life like, birth to death? Time and technology advance, but we still are people who walk on two feet. Feeling connected as yet another person in time is pretty powerful.

    • Totally! A friend that is working on the campaign actually shared the video with me, and she is so proud of the city and the project. Their spirit is great. 🙂

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