Gracefully Global got a Makeover

No, we didn’t just break up with our boyfriend, but nonetheless we felt it was time for a makeover.  After living in Italy for over three years and taking thousands of photographs (sometimes thousands per week!), I felt it was time to finally come to terms with the fact that, while I love to write, I need to share more of my photographs!

So thanks to the new design, the photographs of my adventures have become the main character of this blog, rather than just a supporting player.

But after all, the people and the stories that the photos and the writing reflect are really where my heart is. It is only the symmetry of the two that create a special blog.  I am lucky to be part of such a talented community of bloggers, and to have such a wonderful group of followers!  Thanks as always for all the support…:)

And while we’re at it, here’s a few of my favorite posts from over the last year or two, in case you haven’t seen them.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to live in such special places over the years, and I’m grateful for the world of blogging to not only be able to share these experiences, but to live your experiences as well…at least just a little.  I can only hope that my photos and stories bring you as much pleasure as I get from all the other blogs I enjoy….

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