For Lovers of Sicily: Mattia’s new “Sicily Life” blog


Mattia during his visit to Catania’s historical market.

Mattia is one of our own, a member of the Gracefully Global traveler team, and now he boasts his own blog, “Sicily Life.”  A handsome southern Italian himself with a bad case of the traveling bug, we met long ago in Bologna, and he currently lives in Birmingham.


A day of exploration with Mattia and another traveler in Bologna.

While his current lifestyle seems a lifetime away from Italy, his love for Sicily burns so deep that he maintains his blog from afar in order to support travelers and promote this special region merely because he wants you to enjoy it as much as he has.  We’re working on a guest post here on Gracefully Global, but in the meantime, as you are in the thick of summer vacation planning, check out one his latest posts about his experience exploring Catania’s historical market, and all the other treasures on his blog. Happy reading!

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