The center of Bologna’s historic center

It snuck up on me…exactly one year ago today I left Bologna to return to family, friends, and career in the US. It hasn’t been an easy year, but I don’t regret it, especially the moments spent with loved ones.

First selfie stateside with my host and wonderful friend Janet at her work in New York, MOMA, last May 19

I really had no idea of the level of challenge that would accompany returning to my own country after 3.5 years abroad.  I just remember sitting in my ex-boyfriend’s car as we sped to Malpensa airport near Milan, looking out the window at the bright Italian sunlight and the green countryside, wondering what would lie ahead. One year ago to the hour. 

Celebrating the beautiful climate on a beach adventure near my home in San Diego with visiting Swedish friends

In retrospect, my naïveté supported me, as if I had known in advance, I don’t think I would have had the guts to do it.  But I am still trying to understand why returning “home” can be such a challenge! 

The support from both sides of the pond, including the blogging community, has been a blessing…extending a big, heartfelt thanks.

Some graffiti of my name a mysterious admirer wrote on the side of the building where I lived in Bologna is still there, just faded.

4 responses to “Anniversaries 

  1. Are you back from your visit? How was it? I can tell from your post you are feeling still a bit wistful even after a year. Re-entry is a big adjustment!

    • I’m in London! The groom accidentally dropped water on my laptop screen when he was helping me carry some things so I am behind with my blog updates. But I will have some updates very soon! Yes, still wistful! 🙂 It has been quite an adjustment.

  2. I hear you loud and clear … I’ve been a resident to quite a bit number of countries and going back home suddenly feels very “strange”. But I always make the best out of the situation no matter where I am at. 🙂 … which it looks like you’ve done very well with lots of support and love.

    • Thanks so much for your words Rommel, much appreciated. 🙂 I really look to my friends who are fellow travelers for inspiration and support since it is such a hard lifestyle to understand if you aren’t a traveler, you know?

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