My Favorite Moments in Bologna on Video

I recently started a Vine account, and I’m loving it.  While Instagram is my primary platform, I love the spirit that Vine captures with little snippets of moving life.  It also challenges a whole other side of my creativity, as cleverness on Vine is mandatory.  But for me, the best part about Vine is that there is a bit more democracy on Vine than Instagram.  I’ve been shooting still photography with the same camera since 2003, and my equipment can’t do what many of the photographers I follow on Instagram can do.  I simply don’t have the lens for it.  But the logistics of Vine really encourage you to use your phone, and for that, we are all in the same boat, and our ability to recognize a good moment and tell a good story in six seconds is what makes us stand out from the pack.

After a long stay with family in the United States, I’ve recently been back in Bologna, and I’ve been getting to know Vine and recording some of my favorite moments and favorite times of day in this showy city.  Here they are…I hope you enjoy them, and maybe these will even inspire you to give Vine a try, if you don’t already have an account. 🙂

Under the portici (arcades)
Dinner at a historical restaurant…DaVito

The center of Bologna, an intersection I’ve passed thousands of times, but once in a while it still takes my breath away!

Where I do all my shopping. Average price of a dress or shirt: 6 euro.

Even Piazza Maggiore has a rush hour. 🙂

Aperitivo (happy hour) in one of Bologna’s picturesque piazzas.

Just after the rainstorm on the front of the bus from outside Bologna’s historic center. But when it is warm and sunny, there is nothing like some delicious gelato.

Unfortunately, the weather lately hasn’t been superb. But that just means more fun opportunities to make silly Vines. 😉

Bologna’s recent Liberation Day celebration was quite a learning opportunity.

I just love this bus ride into the historic center coming home from an English lesson with one of my favorite students.

And heading to a delicious aperitivo afterward.

But really, there is nothing in Bologna like the nightlife.

And dinners with great friends. 🙂

I hope this post has inspired you to give Bologna a try, or Italy at least! The life here is a life of many special moments. It is no piece of cake, overall, don’t let me lead you astray. But if you can cherish the moments, this is the place for you. 🙂 And if you are on Vine, don’t be shy!  I would love to see what you are up to, so please stop by and make your presence known.

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    • Thank you!! The 6-second videos are a great idea, but sometimes you want a bit more, right? Nice to see a collection of vines on the same topic. Thanks for your thoughts…:)

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