Bologna: the city of nighttime.


As the host of the oldest university in the western world, Bologna has been a second home for young people from across Europe for centuries. And with the saturation of young people comes the inevitable nightlife of those who don’t have morning meetings and people depending on them to make breakfast.

I’m one of those students that made my pilgrimage to Bologna, only to be charmed by the nighttime energy of this city. Only in Bologna does coming home at 3am on a Saturday night feel early.  After five years of this, I’ve finally learned to prioritize my favorite places, and cut my nights short so I actually come home before sunrise.  Sometimes.

The energy of the city is visceral, and therefore photographable.  Instead of always wasting my nights away in laughter and Italian wine, I’ve started shooting instead.  Or at least, taking a few minutes to shoot on my way home, ha!  My new lens is a f/1.8, and the results have been fantastic.  I hope you enjoy my meanderings through the streets of Bologna, seen below.  And stay tuned for a vlog coming soon, featuring interviews with Bologna’s best bartenders!




















47 responses to “Bologna: the city of nighttime.

      • My holiday was mostly quiet, with bouts of hectic gathering. I must confess I am glad to have it behind me and I am back to my routine and regular diet. 😉 Enjoy your cruise!

      • I hear you! The holidays is definitely not a period ideal for maintaining routines. I think that’s why I love it, ha! 😉 Hope the coming January will be good for getting back on track. 🙂

    • Ah, thank you!! I’m such a night owl, so naturally I’ve always loved shooting at night. But it wasn’t until I got a special lens last summer that I could really pull it off. So now I can do my favorite thing, the right way. :)) Appreciate your comment!

  1. Wow Bologna! Who knew. Adding this beautiful place to my list! And by the way “Instead of always wasting my nights away in laughter and Italian wine” totally made me LOL.

  2. Lovely shots!
    We focused on Southern Italy so far (it’s warmer haha) but we should get to Bologna. Hubby loves their meats; whereas I am a vegetarian who hates pasta =))

  3. I am going for 2 weeks in May but I still have to figure out if we want to live somewhere else (aka warmer) during winter. I am starting to hate the winter in Central Europe haha

  4. Great post and pics! Some of those streets and alleys look a bit spooky at night – in a story-inspiring way 🙂 I’ve only visited Bologna once, for a day, but I remember reddish-colored houses with lots and lots of pillars… and students everywhere

    • Your description sums up Bologna’s most important characteristics perfectly, ha! 🙂 Love it. The only major thing you didn’t mention is the towers! Hope you enjoyed the visit. Thank you for your thoughts! I imagine they do look a bit spooky. I think they are so familiar to me that I always see them in a different way. But that’s really something cool about night shots in general that the energy is so different and still, in a strange way sometimes. Thank you for stopping by! :))

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