Illustrious Instants: Celebrating spring in Bologna's beautiful colli (hills)

Illustrious Instants: Celebrating spring in Bologna's beautiful colli (hills)

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A peaceful spring lunch in Bologna’s rolling hills

It was almost exactly one year ago today that this moment was captured, on one of those blissful Sunday afternoons with friends and nothing else on your mind to distract you and keep you from enjoying every second of now. I had nothing on the agenda other than relaxing, eating, and catching up with/getting to know the gals.
Fienile Fluo restaurant Bologna
One of the many gorgeous views from Fienile Fluo

It is one of those memories that is still as vibrant as the colors in these photos, and will not soon fade. The restaurant, Fienile Fluo, is in the perfect location, but unfortunately the food isn’t perfect, and the service is even worse.  It is the place to go for a day like this: when you have a lot of time, you have great company so you don’t demand a lot of attention, and you aren’t so concerned with the quality of your meal.  In the perfect storm when most of these conditions are met, you can’t ask for a better place to be.
Fienile Fluo ravioli Bologna
My friend Ana proudly displaying her lunch

Meat and cheese plates are great choices at places like this where food quality is inconsistent.
Fienile Fluo restaurant Bologna
More lunch goodness

I broke away from lunch for a  bit to take a few pictures.  There was lots of action to capture…like the family dog…
Fienile Fluo restaurant dog bologna
The family dog at Fienile Fluo was also enjoying the weather

A tractor…;)
Fienile Fluo Bologna restaurant
Everyone is getting ready for spring.

I couldn’t take a bad shot. Bologna, while unfortunately stuck in a valley that traps bad weather, also reaps the advantages of being surrounded by these gorgeous hills (called “colli” in Italian).  After a long winter of bearing the brunt of the cold, emerging into the hills was the perfect way to celebrate the spring. A life full of afternoons like these is certainly a happy life…I wish for more of them for you and me. 🙂
Fienile Fluo restaurant Bologna
Here’s our group…we all hail from different cities (and some of us even different countries!), but we got along great. 🙂


  1. rommel says:

    Forget everything. Those meats look so good, and I long for that kind of preparation – the real Italian meal. Good food, good place or not, I wouldn’t ask for anything better. 😀 Beautiful sceneries and captures.

    • mfryan says:

      Well said!! :)) Thanks for the thoughtful comment (as always). Yes, you’re right, it is so hard to find this preparation in the U.S.. You’re in/near San Diego, right? I’m leaving in SD now (well kind of – on my way to Italy for the summer). There’s a place in South Park called Piacere Mio which is the top pick of all the Italian transplants living in SD. Check it out if you have a chance!

    • mfryan says:

      Ah! Thank you for the sweet comment (as always) and I’m so sorry to just be responding! I’m preparing to be back in Italy for three months as of Tuesday and life has subsequently become exponentially busy. At least I know I’m in company with you all. 🙂 Yes I’m a vegetarian but I think everyone really enjoyed the meat. Looks like you have quite an agenda ahead of you if you ever make it to Bologna! 🙂

    • mfryan says:

      Yes totally!! I love doing the blog because it encourages me create tangible illustrations of my favorite memories. Thanks for the comment as always!! 🙂

  2. Looks like the perfect place to enjoy life’s more simple pleasures. And, it reminds me of our springtime jaunt to Italy last year (Modena, Bologna, Verona, and the Valpolicella region). The almond and cherry blossoms were at their peak, dressing the landscape in a stunning fashion.

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