Insightful Co.Exist article about why we should invest in experiences.

Insightful Co.Exist article about why we should invest in experiences.

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A few weeks ago I came back to this blog after nearly a year away, wrestling with my recent transition back to living in the United States from Italy, and the milestones that I’ve traded in for my experiences.  It is a topic that I ponder often, and I appreciate any outside sources of wisdom I can find on the topic.  Here’s an article that addresses this very issue.  Since you all are lovers of traveling and experiences, I thought you would also find it interesting.

The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things.

You don’t have infinite money. Spend it on stuff that research says makes you happy.  By Jay Cassano


  1. When we were young new parents, a pastor gave us that exact advice and we took it to heart. It completely shapes the decisions we make as a family, and we have always felt grateful for that little tidbit of wisdom. Welcome back to the states!

  2. I have traveled all my life but stared on my own at 19yrs. old… even having a daughter being a single mother never stopped me. I felt i could and would give her the world… My experiences have giving me a wealth money can never buy…… Planet Earth is our home we should get to know and understand as many humans living on it as possible. Maybe we might not always agree but must at least respect.

    • Hi Issa! Thanks for stopping by, and your great thoughts. I really apologize about my delay here. I’m in the middle of an overly-ambitious solo travel experience and am a bit behind on, well, everything. HA! :)) I totally agree with you…what a great gift you are giving your daughter, too. I definitely got my passion for travel from my dad, and he from his aunts, etc…Looking forward to following your adventures!

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