Traveling from Home

Our current homebound way of life is undeniably tainted with mystery.  I find myself questioning the end of quarantine as I wonder about reaching the end of a rainbow.  Above all, in these uncertain times, I can’t help but send my heart out to those that don’t have a home to retreat to, or those who have a home that poses a threat to them in some way.

Rainbow in North Park, San Diego
A rainbow after a recent rainstorm from a window in our condo complex in North Park, San Diego

I am grateful to be healthy, safe, and comfortable at home, as I hope all of you reading this are, as well.  And as many of you can probably also relate to, one of the biggest dampers on my spirit is not being able to travel, and even worse, not even being able to confidently plan future travels.

Italian pizza flag San Diego Siamo Napoli
Friends who run a local Italian restaurant, Siamo Napoli, made a pizza honoring Italy’s COVID-19 battle on the last night they were open to the public.

Each passing day seems to bring contradictory information from government officials and scientists alike, rumors, and worst of all, the turning over and over of my own mind, lost in the lack of distraction.  The “COVID-19 scare,” as my favorite morning radio host has been calling it lately, makes it uber-challenging to stay positive about the prospect of international travel in the foreseeable future.

North park bandanas
A nearby vintage shop in North Park with a sense of humor.

Instead, like many of my loved ones and probably many of you, I’m loving the delicate joys on my daily neighborhood walks,

Wildlife in North Park, San Diego
Wildlife around every corner.

including the bird that pooped on me mid-flight – I’ve heard it is good luck – and observing the subtle and not-so-subtle transformations of the neighborhood, North Park, San Diego, where I’m currently perched.

A North Park church offering drive-thru confessions.
A nearby church is offering drive-thru confessions.

I’ve dedicated myself to cooking my way through my new Indian cookbook, Fresh India by Meera Sodha, cleaning and organizing, daily meditating with my Insight Timer app,

Spring in North Park
Welcoming spring on my daily walks has been a great joy.

and tending to my new indoor plant friends, who are my only living company if you don’t count the occasional fly that makes it through the screen or the little worms that occasionally make a cameo in the fresh herbs from the market.

I often catch the bunnies sunbathing when I walk in our Old Town, once saturated with tourists and now empty.

I have to admit, guiltily, that with acknowledging the gravity of the deaths, sickness, sadness, isolation, despair, anxiety, fear, frustration, and boredom that have come with this pandemic, I am also grateful for this “pause” on life to catch my breath and check-in with myself.  I’ve pursued a double life for many years: two continents, Europe and North America, and two professions, travel and theatre.  Isn’t it easy to get caught in the current of life until you finally make it out and ask yourself, “Why did I get out?” or “Why did I stay in for so long?” and “By the way, where am I?” (A little existentialism never hurt on a Thursday morning in quarantine, right? Ha!)

San Diego Repertory Theatre COVID-19 closing
The theatre I worked at for many years ended performances and shut its doors.

Meanwhile, I’m taking the opportunity to dust off a myriad of memories and photos of adventures that were tucked away for safekeeping.  Some long ago, like magical Berlin, and others recent, like boisterous Puerto Vallarta.  I was caught in the current for a long time, moving too quickly to download these adventures, but I’m sitting on the shore now, enjoying the pause, and putting them back together.  Because, in actuality, we all really can travel now. With our imaginations. Anywhere we’d like to go.  No one can stop us from that – we are bound only by the limits of our own creativity.

Chalk painting in North Park
A family diligently and creatively paints a North Park sidewalk with optimistic chalk designs.

I hope a few anecdotes and intriguing snaps from my travels will inspire your traveling daydreams from the comfort of your own homes.  New adventures coming soon.  Hope to see you then.
In the meantime, if you have some extra time on your hands, start traveling now with a few of my most beloved travel adventures:

And a personal favorite of mine, especially for artists and lovers of art:


  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Nice to see your post, Peggy! Crazy times, eh? You seem in good spirits. We must accept the current situation, yes? I am grateful that it is spring and I am free to go out in the yard and neighboring land. Social distancing is easy out here in the hills. 😉
    Take care. <3

    • Thanks, Eliza!! I’ve started going through my reader more regularly and have kept an eye out for you but seem to have missed you so far. I will keep checking. 🙂 I always think of my dear Instagram and WordPress friends in the winter, as all the snow and ice photos get stuck in my head. I’m so glad warmer weather and cheerful plants and animals are finally back to bring cheer in this crazy time. Yes, I’m in good spirits. Really hopeing you are, too. See you again, soon!

  2. thirdeyemom says:

    So good to hear from you Peggy! You described how I’ve been feeling so clearly. So many mixed emotions. So much sadness and dispair. Yet grateful for my family and my health. It is hard to know when a reliable vaccine will be available but until then it is going to be a marathon not a sprint as so many people sadly remind me. Hang in there and keep writing.

    • I appreciate your words, Nicole! Very wise. It is definitely a marathon until a successful vaccine comes. I’m enjoying the me-time at least. Really hope you are, too. Thanks to you for all the resources on ways we can help others. It is much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Your life has changed a lot by the sound of it! It also sounds as if it’s a welcome pause. I think so many of us needed it, not to mention the planet. Looking forward to a little armchair travelling with you.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts, Alison! It is so appreciated. 🙂 Yes, life is very different at the moment. I like change. And I needed it, and like you wisely mentioned, many of us probably needed it. Hoping for the “silver lining” that all this staying home does some significant good. 🙂 I’m looking forward to catching up on what I’ve missed of your adventures!

  4. Token Artist says:

    You can’t go wrong with Indian food, do there’s nothing wrong with working through your Indian cookbook

    • Absolutely! 🙂 I finally got my pantry stocked with almost all the harder to find ingredients, so I have no excuses! 😉 Thanks for reading and for your comment. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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