Illustrious Instants: The Undeniable Beauty of Venice

Illustrious Instants: The Undeniable Beauty of Venice

A beautiful Venice canal scene
A non-touristy Venetian neighborhood, off the beaten path. There’s nothing I like better in Venice than getting lost and taking it all in (when I have the time, that is!).

There are two types of people in the world: those that love Venice, and those that really don’t.  It seems rare to find someone that has a neutral opinion of Venice.  I get both sides – Venice can be crowded, touristy at times, hard to navigate, it doesn’t have the best weather, and then there’s the flooding issue.
But despite all of its flaws, the architecture, ambiance, and sheer novelty of Venice are undeniable, and it is hard to argue against ranking it as one of the cities in the world that should be on everyone’s bucket list.  I’ll never forget stepping out of the train station the very first time, and stopping on the steps to take it all in: the view of San Simeone Piccolo proudly standing as the backdrop of the flurry of activity on the canal, right in front of me.  It almost felt like being in a dream.
That trip taught me which type of person I am – the kind that loves Venice.  I’ve made countless trips to Venice since that first time in 2011, and I hope to make countless more.
As Carnevale 2016 comes to a close today, Venice is on my mind.  Here’s to many more  gorgeous carnevali to come!!


  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Definitely in the LOVE Venice camp! One of the most romantic cities. My first visit I spent HOURS lost – sometimes very late at night when my footsteps echoed off the walls and nothing stirred except an alley cat or two. (Way before Google Maps could lead me home -lol!)

    • I can see the scene! Love it. 🙂 Actually, it has been very recently that Google Maps has been willing to touch Venice – only a few years now I think! Not an easy place to navigate. Glad you got lost in the good way. One of the best places to get lost, isn’t it?

    • I hear you! 🙂 Carnevale can get a bit crazy…so far I actually haven’t been brave enough to go during this period. If you ever make it back, especially during Carnevale, I’ll stay tuned to hear your thoughts the second time around. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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