About the Blog

Helping to create happy people through the pursuance of travel, and striving to give not only the motivation for traveling through the sharing of travel adventures, but also the tools and travel tips to become the kind of traveler that one desires, gracefully adapting to both new and familiar surroundings, with a special emphasis on women travelers. For the purposes of this blog, we interpret the word travel in the most liberal sense, representing dynamic experiences of connection to people places and things in countless combinations, making each individual travel experience like a fingerprint that only you can truly recognize.

This blog is a fierce supporter of travel in every manifestation of the word – whether it means transforming into a tourist in your own hometown for the weekend, taking a spontaneous drive with no destination in mind, planning a weekend getaway, or realizing your ultimate travel dreams. However insignificant or monumental you feel the experience may be, these essential experiences all serve the same purpose of dragging us out of the doldrums that can overtake our day-to-day, when we slowly but surely become blind to new connections and possibilities for exploration right under our noses.

By showing you our worlds and our discoveries, we hope to help you find those untrodden paths in your own world waiting to be explored. The world is small, indeed, but it is chock full of stuff that will knock your socks off.

Just go for it. Have fun. And tell us about it. We can’t wait to hear.

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